Beware Mafia Case, The Journalist ‘Gadungan’

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By: Ferry Arbania, Editor in Chief

Until this moment, I do not believe it to many persons ‘jerk’ who likes claimed themselves journalists to utilize certain news broadcast by the print media with the aim of taking advantage of certain financial and compensation. Ironisnnya, many officials ‘dumb’ which would be ‘tricked’ by rogues who nyaru as journalists increasingly unsettling.

Many published warnings, many warnings accidentally dipampang editor of a news crew not to believe it with ‘anyone’ who profiteer as mareketing or reporter of an influential media because the news is always present various major cases.

It should not have to panic and blasphemous, because the media and professional journalists are certainly working professionally to provide clear control over a ’tilt’ a budgetary policy or infidelity that lead to abuses that could harm the state money and the people of Indonesia.

Being fake reporters bin jerk it just always use another person’s affairs news stomach, regardless of the social impact of the disadvantaged. A news dicatut by people who are not writers (professional), of course, will cause tremendous panic among its officials or object cases being reported.

Reporters jerk aka fake it, diotaknya just looking for big profits by ‘selling’ news or may be exchanged with a pile of money or warranty tempting, certainly with the lure of news will not appear again in the media massa.Jika that in ‘prey’ coincidence stupid officials , surely he would believe it kemahuan thugs follow this media.

Get out of money in vain, because the guarantee will not be reported again it is just a ruse mediated concerned, that should not have believed let alone obeyed his will extort money. Well, ironically, the victims were preyed upon individual journalists nyadar not even if he is being tricked it out.

If I said before there are stupid and officials complain often are deceived individual journalists, officials are definitely a lot of smart and do not be fooled human mask on behalf of a journalist is a particular medium, without any cross-check in advance with the editor in chief or person in charge of the’m completely trustworthy.

A case, some unscrupulous journalists and NGOs some time ago had to deal with officers after squeeze the head of the village and the school principal. Why unscrupulous journalists can be prosecuted? Is wartawannnya ignorant or unscrupulous officials intelligent ?.

My analysis, intelligent officials alias is not stupid, will always try to find out every one who claimed to journalists or NGOs that aim to squeeze as much detail as possible. There is no story, journalists and NGOs that kerjaanya findings in the field of data exchange with money. Or with other languages, be wary if someone comes to you as a public official, then they claim to have a data error and will be lifted in the mass media, if not obey their evil desires drain your money. Should the media bastard opponent. If they persisted, the love of money only after you coordinate with the police.

Hopefully this is useful for colleagues level officials Village Head, Principal, Head of Department and the heads of other positions, especially the region of Madura. If you find the bastard who probably claimed themselves journalists Memorandum please contact us and certainly we serve as well as possible.

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